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Intuitive. Intentionally Inclusive. Innovative. A Visionary. Truth Seeker. Conscious Catalyst. Transformer.  

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Rockin' It Like It's HAUTE!

An online inclusive community of transformers, highly sensitive souls passionate about living their own personal truth in a world filled with chaos. This community provides intensive hands-on, go-at-your-own -pace workshops and coaching sessions for transformative breakthroughs.

H20 For Professional Advancement

Join Ubercoach Michele for a 5-week intensive session for your very own personal professional development coaching. Learn new tools to powerfully develop your professional plan, clarify your brand and strategize new was to navigate your landscape successfully!


An intenvise 1/2 day entrepreneurial brainstorming session for business and corporations who are focused on using business as a force of good. This VIP Session provides companies with marketing strategies, staff development tools and systems to integrate a cohesive branding message internally and externally for the company.  These sessions are design to align a company with what matters most to their core values, mission and vision.

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